Planet-Soaring – Pierre Rondel

  • Great demo from Robert Bartok (Slovakia) last week-end in Laurac of the Electro Falco (Aviatik Composites) : very good thermalling capabilities for the size, high climbing rate, fast fly-by, thermalling again. Great small plane !

  • Very good flying session at col de Faisses in a very strange atmosphere because the air was loaded with sand coming from the Sahara and carried by the strong south wind. As a result we had the impression to have fog everywhere, even in the valleys.
    I flew the Falco in a wind around 10m/s and was not disappointed. It is fast, stable for its size, plenty of energy (retention) all the time. The Falco like energy management turns a lot. I had no ballast so I need to prepared some, but the Falcon was not disturbed by flying empty. CoG is 66mm from the leading edge and from the beginning, and I found the value very good and polyvalent from low wind to stronger wind, or light DS.
    Few pictures below (Courtesy of Joël Marin)
  • Maiden flight in few seconds 😀 !!!