Wingspan: 3000mm
Lenght: 1452mm
Weight: 2300-2600g
FAI max: 4627g
Wing area: 56,2dm2
V-tail area: 5,5dm2

Recommended versions for gliders:
C160/G50 – recreative flying (2400g)
C160/C80 – F3F strong conditions (2450g)
C80/C80 – F3F leight conditions (2350g)
C160/C160 – DS flying (2600g)
HM – The optimal sports version (2250g)
The weights given are approximate…

Main settings:
CG: 92mm
AIL: up18mm/ dn 10mm
Mix Flap to AiI: up 10mm / dn 8mm
Ele: up 6mm / dn 6mm
Rud: up 12mm / dn 10mm
Mix Snapflap: Ele 6mm up, Flap+Ail 5mm dn
Butterfly: Flap 80┬░dn, Ail 7mm up, Ele 4mm dn
Measured in the center of the wing (aileron and flap connection)

Ballast scheme:

Price list: